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Name:Hope Estheim
Birthdate:Jul 25
This is a journal for a fictional RP.

Player Name: Wolfie
My OOC screenname is thescaronhisface on AIM. Please say who you are when you message me.

Character: Hope Estheim
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Version: The very end of chapter 7
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Seems straight

Appearance: Hope is a short kid with a very slight build, covered up partially by his rather interesting choice of clothing. He wears a black t-shirt with a yellow short-sleeve jacket over it, with orange fabric draped over the shoulders. Around his neck he wears a pale green silk scarf. His green pants go just below his knees, where knit fabric holds them on like sleeves. He wears a pair of lace-up beige boots. His hair is an extremely washed-out blond, just shy of silver--and it does look silver in the right light. His eyes are a very pale greenish-blue, just shy of looking gray. He wears a pair of black and white gloves, with yellow-orange cuffs. His Pulse Brand on his left wrist looks like a black tattoo, with sharp angular lines radiating out from the center.

Personality: Before the Purge of Bodhum, Hope was a normal teenager, though something of a Mama's boy. He didn't like his dad too much but that's because his dad was never really around. He behaved as he was expected to in a lot of situations, evidenced by the fact he often covers his mouth when he laughs, or looks away when he starts feeling too emotional. His avoidance of eye contact also shows his lack of confidence in himself, and it happens less and less as the game goes on and he becomes more sure of himself. After his mom dies, he is very quick to recall that pain, and for a long time, he blamed her death on Snow. When Snow refused to do anything about it, Hope was devastated, and his emotions completely took him over. He was angry at Snow to the point of wanting to kill him until the guy proved himself with his actions in Hope's home.
Whenever someone brings up Snow, or his mom, or the concept of being a l'Cie, Hope would break down. He screamed in anger, or started to cry. He said something to the effect of "why is this happening to me?" multiple times, unable to understand why he, a normal kid, had suddenly had so much thrust upon his shoulders. It really was too much for him to handle.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: (Strengths referring to personality type strengths. Not physical ones.)
When he fights, Hope has one of three combat roles, all of them as a spellcaster. As a Synergist, he casts supportive magic, as a Ravager he casts powerful elemental magic meant to leave an enemy open to damage from other sources, and as a Medic he casts healing magic and can remove status ailments. He has to "Paradigm Shift" between these
roles, which takes a moment as he mentally shifts his focus from one to the next.
Outside of his direct spellcaster roles, he can use his Libra ability to scope out a target's elemental weaknesses and stamina (though stamina is not always something he can determine), and learn a tiny amount of information about them. He can also use an ability called Quake, that causes numerous stalagmites to erupt from the ground under enemies. These are limited by the same thing that will limit Alexander, if Hope ever gets his Eidolon.

He uses a boomerang in combat, though as a spellcaster he rarely, if ever, uses it to attack a target.

Even though Hope is often a rather melancholy individual since becoming a l'Cie, it is very easy to make him a little more cheerful.
He can become very determined to reach his goals, too.
And Hope is also a very bright kid.

Weaknesses: (Physical and mental)
Hope doesn't have a great deal of physical stamina, and it's easy to take him out of a fight with just a few targeted attacks.

Mentally, he is driven very easily to the point of breaking down. He's fragile, and it's a hairpin trigger--though at this point, Hope is just about to start recovering from that.

The Purge happened one day while Hope and his mother Nora were visiting Bodhum. A Pulse fal'Cie had been discovered in a vestige from the war, and everyone in the city was taken. They were going to be emigrated to the world below, for fear that the fal'Cie had tainted them. Hope met Vanille on the way there, and along with her and his mother, they were there when Lightning derailed their train and Snow started asking for volunteers to fight. Hope refused to, backing up quickly and from the gun Snow offered him, but his mom and Vanille both took up arms. They were separated, but Vanille was with Hope when his mother was knocked over the side of a damaged and falling section of the railway. Snow caught her, and tried to hold on, but she fell anyway, too injured to keep her grip. Hope screamed in agony as he watched her fall, and couldn't even move until Vanille dragged him away.

They grabbed an air cycle that Snow had used, and took it inside the fal'Cie that had been transported from Bodhum. Once inside, they met Snow, Lightning, and Sazh, who had all been Purged too. Lightning and Snow were there because Lightning's younger sister Serah, Snow's fiancee, was inside. The fal'Cie had made her into a l'Cie, and they wanted to take her back, even though she turns into crystal when they find her, having fulfilled her focus. Sazh had been in Bodhum with his son. When Snow and Lightning got it into their heads that they could fight the fal'Cie and win Serah back, the fal'Cie turned all five of them into l'Cie. It then crashed into Lake Bresha below, which it turned entirely into crystal. Once they landed, the five learned they'd all had the same fuzzy dream about their Focus as l'Cie, the thing they had to carry out at the fal'Cie's orders, lest they turn into monstrous Cieth. Hope had a breakdown, and couldn't understand why all of that had happened so fast, and to him. He wanted to kill Snow so badly for doing all of this, and he blamed it all on the older man. Everyone on Cocoon had been raised to think that Pulse was the most horrible place in existence, Hope even calls it hell on earth. And here they were, branded by one of its fal'Cie.

Snow stays with Serah when he finds her, while the other four continue on. They end up in the Vile Peaks among more Pulse vestiges after finding a ship to fly, but crash land after getting attacked by the military. Lightning and Hope split off, and Lightning tries to tell Hope that he should just stay on his own, because he's just a little kid who doesn't know how to fight, nor does he even want to. He follows her anyway, and tries to help as much as he can, until finally Lightning yells at him to leave her alone, bringing out her Eidolon Odin in her moment of weakness. After Hope helps her fight him, she tells him to call her Light. They rest briefly, then go on into the Gapra Whitewood, which is full of soldiers. While traveling through there, on their way to Hope's hometown of PalumPolum, they bond over their dislike of Snow...though Hope's is much deeper and stronger than Light's. Hope takes up a mantra that Lightning had said to him earlier: "If I can fight, I can survive," and starts Operation Nora. He was going to kill Snow, then make the Sanctum pay for starting the Purge in the first place. Lightning goes along with it. With frustration, he says that he knows it won't help him feel better, and it won't change anything that happened, but he wants to do it anyway, he wants to do something.

Once they're out of the Whitewood, they decide that they'll sneak into PalumPolum under the soldiers' noses. Hope leads Lightning into a set of tunnels he used to play in as a kid, where the city's food production fal'Cie resides. As they look at it, Hope figures that the fal'Cie treat humans like pets. Lightning comes to a realization that she'd only been fighting because she didn't want to face her problems, and she tries to tell Hope that he should stop Operation Nora, because it's a bad idea, and it won't help anything. He argued with her, and then got emotional, saying that she shouldn't build him up, only to let him down like that. They continue out into the city, where they're immediately found by soldiers. Snow saves them, and takes Hope.

The two go through the city, and Hope gets more and more angry at Snow's carefree "I'm going to save everyone" attitude. Snow keeps saying things that bring back Hope's memories of the moment his mother died, and he hates it. Eventually, it's just too much. Hope calls Snow out on it. Snow breaks down, saying that he knows he can't do anything about everything that happened, and he can't even begin to apologize until he knows some way that could make it better for the people who've been affected by his actions. Hope thinks that's not enough. Snow asks what he's supposed to do, what he deserves, and Hope screams with as much emotion as he can, that Snow deserves the same fate. Hope blasts Snow over a railing with a wave of fire emanating from him, and barely a few seconds later, the building is hit by a salvo of missiles from an airship. They're both thrown from the roof, and as they fall, Snow catches him, making sure that he lands first.

Just after that, the two are attacked again, but after carrying Hope some distance and after that fall, Snow is in no condition to fight. Hope decides to fight instead, telling Snow to stay back. Lightning and another Pulse l'Cie she met named Fang join in to help the battle once they find him. They all go to Hope's house afterward, where Hope has to tell him what happened to his mother. Hope tries to leave only a little while after, but he's relieved when his dad tells him that he doesn't have to. Hope had been expecting his dad to not accept any of it at all, especially not the news that Hope had become a Pulse l'Cie.

Soon after, the home is raided by soldiers. Snow tries to get them to stop shooting, and to let them go, because he's just flesh and blood like they are. The director of the troops says that one Pulse l'Cie's life is not worth the lives of millions of Cocoon citizens, and then a troop of renegades interrupt. In the chaos, the four Pulse l'Cie leave aboard Cid Raine's airship, after Hope makes it look like they had kidnapped his dad instead. Hope never learns what happens to his father after that.
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